Meeting with Hospice

On Monday this week, Seasons Hospice came to my home to complete the paperwork to have my mom entered into their Hospice program.  Although I used Hospice for my step father in 2006, I received a new insight from this meeting.

These are the most wonderful and kind folks and they offer such an amazing service.  I remember when the doctor recommended Hospice for my step father when he was diagnosed with lung cancer at 86, I actually got mad thinking “I wasn’t going to let him die”.  So I held off contacting them until it was really ‘urgent’ that we get some help.

Had I known how much support, education and services they offer, I would have been grateful to call them for my step father and then received support and guidance for the last full year of his life.

My mom is now in the last stages of her disease (Dementia) and is no longer walking, transferring or able to feed herself.  She is on oxygen and they have just started morphine for pain.  She is becoming very “stiff” it seems and it’s hard for her to move anymore.

Yesterday, my daughters and I spent time together with her going through one of her photo albums that documented her pictures during her school years, plus all her class reunions.  She has created over 40 photo albums and has documented every event during her life.  This is a wonderful gift she is leaving all of us.

I am so glad that we took care of all her planning years ago by creating wills, trusts, power of attorney and long term care insurance for her and dad back when there were lots of options.  This has allowed me to focus on mom and dad’s quality of life and quality of care these last couple of years.

Feel free to download the free Caregiver’s Manual that I created to help you prepare for caring for your loved ones.  I have used this process for years working with hundreds of clients and thank goodness I followed this process with my folks to.  It’s been a blessing.  I am off to help mom with her dinner.  Take care.P7140066  If you have questions about caregiving, financial planning or estate planning, please feel free to contact me at

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